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Compass and Straightedge Constructions

In this small collection of activities you will get to know some elements of the MathKit interface by solving a number of classical construction problems that involve circles. These problems are to be solved using only the (computer versions of) straightedge and compass, the Line and Circle tools, but for the sake of convenience we placed on the toolbar some additional tools that replace some standard straightedge-and-compass constructions such as drawing perpendiculars or finding midpoints. Press the Lock button if you want to keep your tools selected after they were applied once.

To check your solutions, you can vary the given figures by dragging points that define them or simply press the Check your answer buttons.


Circumscribe a circle around a given triangle


Inscribe a circle in a given triangle


Construct the three excircles of a given triangle

Tangents to a Circle

Draw the tangents to a given circle from a given point

Common Tangents to Two Circles

Draw all the common tangents to the two given circles

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