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Compass and Straightedge Constructions

  • Circumсircle
  • Inсircle
  • Excircles
  • Tangents to a Circle
  • Common Tangents to Two Circles

Remarkable Points and Lines in a Triangle

  • Euler Line and Nine-Point Circle
  • Gergonne Point and Nagel Point

Economical Constructions

  • Perpendicular to a line from a point not on the line
  • Perpendicular to a line at a point on it
  • Parallel Line

3D Workshop

  • Cubes, Pyramids, and Other Polyhedra
  • Cube's Section Through Three Points on its Edges
  • Cube's Section Through Three Points on its Faces
  • Pyramid's Section Through Three Points on its Faces

Wire Puzzles

  • Front, Side, and Top Views
  • Puzzle 1
  • Puzzle 2
  • Puzzle 3
  • Puzzle 4

Quadratic Functions

  • Transformations of Parabolas
  • Phase Plane of a Quadratic Function
  • Dynagraphs of Quadratic Functions

Conics and Other Remarkable Curves

  • Ellipse
  • Hyperbola
  • Parabola
  • Cardioid


  • Four-Bar Linkage
  • Crank-and-Rocker Mechanism
  • Chebyshev's Lambda Mechanism


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